About me

If you’re curious about where I learned to take photos, what school I attended, or who my teacher was, I’ll probably disappoint you. I learned most of it on my own. I saw some things here and there and figured out how to do it. Part of how I take photos, I invented, as no one was doing it before. I still occasionally come up with new things.

I studied mathematical modeling with a merit scholarship at the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering. No, I’m not a nerd; I actually studied very little. After three years, I received the Bourse d’excellence Eiffel scholarship to study in Paris at École Centrale Paris, where I graduated with a degree equivalent to MSc and the mention “trés bien” (something like honors) in applied mathematics.

However, I only use mathematics marginally within the field of computer science. I am a senior software architect, which is currently my main income. But it can’t be said that I don’t use what I learned during my studies, as it was primarily the use of the brain, and I hope I haven’t stopped doing that yet.

Mathematics, studying in France, and software development share a common factor: languages. Someone might disagree, but that’s just lack of known those. Mathematics is a language suitable for describing the laws of the universe. In addition to mathematics, programming languages, and the obvious Czech and French, I also speak English, and somewhat less fluently, German, Russian, Spanish, and Romanian.

As mentioned earlier, just like various forms of expression, photography is a way of expressing oneself, so let’s consider it another language. I started taking photos around 2007, gradually landscapes, night scenes of Paris, portraits, “normal” studio photos, and around 2009, I started light painting, also known as luminography, and in 2010, I began using laser. It occurred to me at that time as an improvement over flashlight illumination.