Photo Shoot

Are you interested in my work? Considering photography? Here are a few pieces of information to inspire you.

Note: this english version ins work in progress..

Generic talk

The shooting takes place in the studio, darkness is required. Each photo starts with a plan, positioning of the model, and triggering the shutter. Lighting occurs, possibly repositioning, and finally, the shutter is turned off. Then the photos are automatically transferred to the PC, where they are displayed as they come from the cameras. Settings can be applied to them, displaying an approximate final state. Individual plans can be repeated several times until satisfaction or disappointment – not everything succeeds.

Laser lighting has its specifics… For example, safety must be ensured, so if there is no light splitter at the end of the laser that divides the beam into many smaller ones, it is necessary to close the eyes. Furthermore, the line left by the laser is aesthetic, if not interrupted by clothing, it is recommended (exceptions reserved) not to have any during the shooting. Even on fabric, the line is not smooth.

Everything is manually lit, adjustments are minimal. I deliver the photos in the size they are cropped to, which is the maximum available to me.

Before shooting, I recommend discussing with me the options and limitations. Not everything can be photographed in all ways. At the same time, it would be an opportunity to agree on specific conditions, timing, and so on.

Where to..


You might be interested how others felt.. There they are. (some in czech, some english, and some other languages)


You don’t have to read all, but what you are interested in might be found in FAQ

What to shoot

Do you know that we will be photographing, or do you not know and want to organize your preferences while informing me about them? You can respond however you want. The forms are anonymous, so I added a question about your identity to them.


Prices, if we haven’t agreed otherwise, can be found here, and if you feel like suggesting something else, either it will work or it won’t.


If we already have an agreement, I have a booking system. If our schedules clash, let me know, and we’ll try to figure something out.


After the shoot, I’ll ask you for feedback. Again, all fields are optional, and the form is anonymous if you don’t provide any identity. If there is one, criticism works best when I know what it relates to.


With further questions or with proposals, you can contact me..